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Green Screen Video

Want to make your event memorable for your attendees?

Our cutting edge technology produces stunning studio quality video and is an exciting activity for trade shows, product launches, conventions, sporting events and festivals. We can use the same system to provide instant green screen photos.

Tracking your social engagement

Green screen video lets your guests instantly step into an amazing live video experience. Full Frame Events provide a unique green screen video service with live action, virtual sets, branded titles and special effects. The videos we create can be viewed as they happen and quickly uploaded to social media via our branded microsites by text and email. We can then track the spread!

Delivered live

Full Frame Events will help your product launches and marketing campaigns go viral and gain maximum exposure.  We provide full social media integration services with instant uploads to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo plus live streaming to the web. Video can also be saved directly to branded USB sticks, a perfect alternative for locations where internet restrictions may apply.
Integrating a green screen into your event or exhibition stand is simple and smart.  Our green screen material is light absorbing, fireproof and easy to use in any design. For big spaces or difficult shapes, special light absorbing green screen paint can be applied.  Blue screens are also available if green clashes with your design.  

Virtual sets

Our live green screen technology can place your guests right in the heart of the action at  any event. With no need for camera and lighting crews or large studio spaces, your clients or guests can appear in their own TV show on a huge set with working TV screens showing live action all around them.

We can move the camera virtually around the whole set, and only need the smallest space to setup. It’s exactly what the big TV companies use for Sporting events, News, Weather and Chat shows. Now it’s affordable and avaiable for your event! 

You can see many more examples of Green Screen Videos we have created for different clients at https://www.youtube.com/user/fullframeevents.

Also you can see examples below.

Our Green Screen Video Work

Live video in Singapore for the World Golf Championships

Live Video at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

Live video at the Goodwood Festival of speed

Final Fantasy Fanfest in London

Duracell green screen event for a week at Bluewater in London

Live view green screen video at Durham University

Social media app for Ricoh at ATP Tennis London

McDonalds Live Green Screen Video Karaoke Tour

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How does Full Frame Events' Green Screen Video service work?
Our Green Screen Video service utilises chroma key compositing to instantly superimpose guests onto different backgrounds or environments in real time with live viewing! This allows for limitless creative possibilities, enabling your guests to immerse themselves in unique and imaginative settings.
Can I customise the backgrounds used in Full Frame Events' Green Screen Videos?
Yes of course! We offer a wide selection of customisable backgrounds to suit your event theme or branding. We create scenic landscapes, iconic landmarks, or custom branded backgrounds, and we work closely with you to create a personalised experience that matches your vision. We regularly pop guests into movie scenes for movie premieres for example.
Are there limitations to the types of events suitable for Full Frame Events' Green Screen Video service?
Our Green Screen Video service is highly versatile and suitable for a variety of events, including corporate parties, trade shows, product launches, and promotional events. When you’re looking to entertain guests with interactive experiences or create engaging marketing content, our green screen technology adds a touch of excitement and creativity to any occasion.
Can Full Frame Events' Green Screen Video service accommodate large groups of people?
Yes, our Green Screen Video service is designed to accommodate both individual and group shots. If you’re capturing individual testimonials or group photos, our equipment and setup allow for seamless integration of multiple subjects into the green screen environment. With full branding and instant social media sharing live at your event.
How quickly can Full Frame Events capture videos at my event?
Our efficient workflow allows us to capture videos at a rapid pace. With the capability to accommodate up to 100 guests an hour, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to record their message or share their experience, contributing to a dynamic and engaging event atmosphere. We get guests through very quickly whilst ensuring they have an enjoyable experience creating their unique content!

Green Screen in Action