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Matching printer available

Guests see themselves on the screen and as they touch the screen they can try out dozens of scenes, all branded and in 3D with special effect and scenery layers for added realism.

We now have a slimline version too complete with matching Printer stand with led lighting!

Above you can see how neat the setup looks. This is our latest version with programmable led lighting, a newly designed bounce card on top (no messy umbrellas!) and a touch screen on the back for instant sharing on social media. It only takes 18″ of floor space. 

Vinyl wrapping available to show off your brand

This is the very latest system and is extremely powerful with an upgraded full frame Camera and lens concealed within. No-one else does this, its a very expensive upgrade, but we value quality. We can do live view green screen photography, but so much more as well. Animated green screen GIF movies, 360 degree 3D photos, Morphing, Light Painting, Slide shows with adverts, and of course Social Media sharing 

Everything we create can be printed instantly, and shared using our Social Sharing app straight to mobile phones, email, twitter, facebook and Instagram We get full tracking and analytics for you too.


Photo booth with instant social sharing

So the guests journey is shown above in the video. We can use SMS to text a link straight to a mobile phone with tracking on how guests share images, gifs or videos. Tweets are preset and can be sent from the guests account , and we support facebook, instagram, snapchat and can even upload directly to a SmugMug account. Of course email is there as standard.

We can also run a survey, show a disclaimer, collect data and give full reporting afterwards. And as a bonus, the screen shows a slideshow as do wirelessly linked iPads or tablets (which can be spread around an area)  and we can link to large screens as well!

With or without green screens

We can work with or without green screens, and the whole system can be vinyl wrapped to really show off a brand.

The video here shows some of the features, we will be making more soon to show the 3D 360 degree and Light Painting options. 

Photo Booth in Action