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Chelsea FC Outdoor Green screen photography with instant photographs and social media

10 October 2021

We were back at Chelsea FC for the home game against Manchester City with a brand new trailer to produce instant green screen photographs for home and away fans . Despite the freezing temperatures everything ran smoothly and we got hundreds of great photographs which were as popular as ever.

Here’s Elaine in her ski-ing gear with Chelsea hat keeping warm as we setup. If you are wondering where all the lighting equipment is, that’s a trade secret, but it’s all wireless and very neat. If you want to know where the Nikon D4 is, well, it took the photo! We don’t need or use messy cables, tripods, or studio lights, our unique system doesn’t need it. And if you are wondering how good the photos are…….

Our favorite photo of the day came from a very happy Man City fan who didn’t seem bothered by the cold! We shot, green screened, printed and framed over 200 photographs in the short time between the fans arriving and kick-off. It’s very generous of Chelsea FC to supply this service as a thank you to their own fans and to visiting fans, that’s what makes them different, they like to give something back. We are at Stamford Gate opposite the offical store if you want to come and get a free photograph.

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