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Gif Booth with new Print and Share Station for Porsche Silverstone

9 October 2018

When Porsche need photographs and GIF videos for an event they choose us. That’s because our equipment looks great in their state of the art Experience centre at Siverstone Race Track. Just as important as how it looks is of course how it works. Like a Porsche our kit looks streamlined, stylish and simple, but underneath there’s a massive amount of technology making it fast and seamless.

Above is the latest iPad Pro system with ring light. It’s completely self contained and can be used for up to 6 hours as it has a powerful internal battery and 5ghx wifi! This system will produce stunning photographs with branding and instant social sharing just bt ebtering a mobile phone number or email. This takes you straight to a branded microsite where you download and share from your logged in smart phone. Here’s an example of the quality, reduced for this website of course to keep the site fast!

We can completely vinyl wrap this system, see our Tic Tac blog for an example. But here we just improvised and used the 70 Years of Porsche graphic. In the shot below you can see we are shooting using a printed backdrop, but this system will also work perfectly with a green screen. Porsche are very particular about the look of an event, and now they’ve seen this new system they want to take it up a notch next event.

Below you can see our latest piece of kit. This is our as yet unamed Print and Share station. As the professional photolab printers we use are built to be used not seen we usually hide them in the set in a plinth or build them into a wall. At events like this where there is no build we wanted something stunningly smart and functional. The printer is inside the stand, which has smart led lighting we can program to match any colour scheme. It also matches our new Adventure system and has Wifi inside as well as a powerful PC to receive and process images. We can attach dual ipads on for fast sharing too.

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