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Glambot at the Napoleon Premiere in London: High-Flying Kicks & Red Carpet Glam

25 November 2023

Our GlamBot team brought the glitz and glamour to the iconic Odeon Leicester Square at the Napoleon Premiere. From jaw-dropping high-flying kicks to stunning red carpet poses, our exclusive #Glambot captured every moment, optimised by the use of slow motion with cinematic precision.

Glambot filming live at Napoleon Premiere London

Glambot Red Carpet Robot in action

The  #Glambot is perfect for marketing and events companies looking to boost engagement. We capture every thrilling jump and kick on the red carpet in stunning detail.

🎥💥 Unleash the power of high-impact visuals to elevate your brand or event, attracting attention and leaving a lasting impression. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stand out in the crowded event space!

To book, email Luke@fullframeevents.co.uk.

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