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Green Screen Photography with instant photos for BikeSafe at the Excel London

10 October 2014

We worked for TfL and the Met Police to promote the “BikeSafe” program at the Motor Cycle show in our 2nd home, the Excel in London. BikeSafe is an excellent program run by highly skilled Police Motorcyclists who give their time to pass on their unique skills to Motorcyclists. We worked for them last year at the same event at the Excel, and it was so successful that we were invited back. Here’s a shot of our miniature setup, we only need a tiny table or plinth and one standard 13a socket.

So what did we offer? A portable green screen and floor was setup with a Police Motorcycle on a stand. We don’t need special lighting or messy tripods and cables to work, our Nikon D4S cameras are, like all of our kit, the very best available. So we can quickly take a studio quality shot of the visitor on the Police bike and instantly transport them into a choice of 3D scenes. The image comes over wirelessly through our own wifi instantly. We process the photo using special software on our Alienware systems, and they are instantly branded and sent to our iPad systems. At the same time a studio quality laminated giant polaroid style square photograph is printed for each guest. So the guest gets a photograph to take away and the option to share the digital copy via email, text, facebook, instagram and twitter. They look like this….

We had thousands of people through the stand and it’s a great way to attract attention. We can output live to any TV screens on the stand so everyone can see what we are doing, we also have slideshows running on the Alienware and the iPads which are dotted around the stand. After the event we can report on how many photos we printed, how many tweets, posts and emails we sent out, and we give all the images to the client to use for marketing. In addition as we have the best cameras and are fully trained photographers, we can get great general photos and special shots like this one, all included in the service, as is designing all the scenes, setting up the branding, and manning the stand continuously.

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