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Green screen photos and live social media uploads for Nuffield Health

10 October 2016

We are the best at live green screen photography! There are numerous cheap photo booths and even apps that claim to be capable of producing good green screen images, but nothing comes close to what we do. The photos below are proof, no-one else could do this live as runners finish a Triathlon, we have the only system fast enough to cope! And no software could possible handle the sample image we are showing you here.

Nuffield Health sponsor the Salford Triathlon and we were tasked with photographing everyone as they finished, and producing instant branded images they could share to their mobile phone, email, twitter, facebook and instagram. Their corporate colours are green so our green screen system fitted beautifully into their dome at the finish line. But of course everyone was wearing green! We could have used a blue screen but that wouldn’t match their colour scheme. So here’s what the finished images looked like, we aren’t revealing how we do this, it’s a trade secret, but to do this at speed is something only we can do!

We have years of experience, our own special software on super fast Alienware laptops and the best Nikon DSLR’s available. Not cheap DSLR’s or webcams, but top of the range Nikon D4S and D5 cameras with superfast lenses and wifi built in. Our lenses probably cost more than a photo booth! But we are very sensible with our pricing. If you want the job done properly with delighted guests and happy clients, get in touch!

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