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High Definition Green Screen Photography for TfL at the MotorCycle Show

9 October 2018

Sometimes a photo booth just isn’t capable of doing the job. Even our advanced booths with pro DSLR’s couldn’t have been used at this event. We were asked to photograph guests on a Police Motorcycle for TfL to promote the excellent Bikesafe program. As with most of our Clients, we have worked for TfL a lot, and have attended this show for the last three years. So we knew what we had to do.

Because a Police Motorcyle is covered in fluorescent yellowy green markings it is very difficult to photograph in front of a green screen as all the green will disappear. So normally we would switch to a blue screen. But Police motorcycles also have a lot of blue fluorescent markings! Here’s a video showing the neat setup. We supplied everything except the Bike, and designed all the many scenes and branding.

This is an extremely busy event, (we can only film our little videos when the stand is quietish!) and we work flat out all day every day to cope with the thousands of visitors, so there is no time for individual editing and masking which is how we deal with the occasional guest who turns up wearing predominantly green clothing!

So as you can see from our setup photo we work using a Nikon D4S pro camera with special lighting. The images are instantly sent to our powerful Alienware system where our special software exactly keys out the green screen which is a different shade to the green on the bikes. This is a very precise way of doing green screen photography, it’s extremely powerful and very fast!

Every guests received a large branded photograph instantly and then shared their image using our unique social media sharing system. This lets the guests share directly to their smart phones by simple entering their mobile number or email. The image arrives with smart buttons and branding ready to be shared instantly on Instagram. Facebook, Twitter etc or saved for later use. As their mobile phones are already logged in, there are no user id’s and passwords to remember. We get a much higher success rate this way than any other method we have tried over the years!

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