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Impulse Gif Booth at Summertime Ball Wembley

9 October 2019

We took the Mobile Gif System to the Capital Radio Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium, London. This job was was for Impulse Body Mist and was unusual as we had to work in a fine spray of vaporised and scented mist! Our systems can handle anything, but we brought extra lens cleaning cloths in case. They weren’t needed as we ensured we worked upwind of the spray. Below just for fun we took a Gif of a Gif using our Roamer, which is a fully portable Gif booth in it’s own right!

As usual our activation was extremely popular. Guests queued to get a cooling spray and a branded Gif sent directly to their smartphones instantly. We have own powerful WiFi built into the system. Guests just enter a mobile number or email and instantly receieve a branded link to a branded microsite. From there one click posts to the social media of their choice. No logging in or passwords needed. The event was very busy but we managed to get a quick Gif of the staff.

We can run this Mobile Gif Booth directly off it’s internal power pack for 5 hours easily, more if it’s outdoors or in a well lit area like an exhibition centre. We can also link wirelessly to our really cool print station and produce instant large professional quality photos. Here’s a few still shots of the setup for this job. You get an idea of how populr it was.

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