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Instant Album Covers at The Who concert, Wembley, London

10 October 2019

We were asked if we could produce personalised CD cases instantly and quickly enough to cope with a big crowd, fast! Using a portable green screen we know we can work fast thanks to our skilled staff, Nikon D4S wireless cameras and Alienware green screen system. But could we cope with 300 VIP guests arriving at the same time? Then deal with the general public when they arrived later? Of course we could.

We always like to go the extra mile so we also designed a choice of album covers the guests could recreate, rather than the initial brief of just one, and we added our iPad system so guests could also share ther album covers by text, email, instagram, twitter and facebook, and we did all this without slowing our system down. Above is an example of the classic “Kids are Alright” Album cover, complete with branding of course. Below is the cover for Who’s Next which we had many variations of involving much pretend unzipping of trousers!

Our team got the guests organsied, helped them pose with the props for the scene they chose, then instantly green screened the image into the 3D artwork. The print was quickly trimmed to the exact right size and slipped into a real CD Case to create a wonderful and very popular souvenir of the event. We did the first 300 VIP guests before they went into the arena to watch the sound check. Then the public arrived and it was flat out until everyone went in. We had to deal with a lot of very “happy” Who fans who loved what we did Many came back and queued again to get a different cover made. Evertone in every group got a CD case to take way, and every group send the images to social media! Here’s the exhaisted but happy team showing just how small our setup is, even for a complex job like this.

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