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Live Green Screen Video for the Diesel BAD party at the L’Oreal Conference

9 October 2019

After the resounding success of the UK wide Diesel BAD tour, we were invited to provide the same live green screen video experience for the Diesel BAD party. This time we had a tiny space with a miniature Green Screen but we still managed to get the guests riding a real full size motorcycle in real time!

It was great to bump into the clients we had worked with on the tour and they were pleasantly suprised to see us back there. Throughout the event we shot, edited and shared a video a minute which was intense but fun! Guests could see themselves live on the Motorcycle and the onlookers were also entertained watching on the big screens. Here is a quick clip from the night, photos are below.

We work in real time so as soon as the ride is over, the video is ready, fully branded, and can be emailed or sent straight to the guests mobile. Our videos are full HD but can also be shared on facebook, twitter and Instagram all in real time!

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