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Louis Vuitton green screen party

9 October 2017

Every year we take our unqiue green screen photography system to Louis Vuitton’s annual party. It’s always one of our busiest events of the year and we know from experience that we are going to get absolutely mobbed ! But we love it, great people and great fun. Here’s a snap of our compact but powerful Infinity system just before all the guests arrived, below is a shot of what happened 30 minutes later and it was like that all night!

So here’s what a busy event looks like (see below), this is as close as I could get for a shot until it eased up a little. `We also had our social media sharing stations around the room so guests could instantly share their images to their mobiles by email and text. We hoped this wpuld relieve the pressure on the printing, it did but we still still did 800 photographs in four hours!

Below are some of the many scenes the guests could choose from. They see themselves live on screen in the scene moving around. They touch the screen to try different scenes. That way huge groups can see if they are in the shot. Our incredibly detailed 3D scenes are sometimes completely covered with guests but as long as the guests and the client are happy, so are we!

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