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Our Photostation at the Benson Elliot Annual dinner – The Shard

10 October 2013

Our photostation provides a more modern and portable version of the popular photobooth. As well as being able to take traditional photobooth style images, it can also be used for green screening, morphing, light painting and much more. Guests see themselves live on the touch screen. When we have the green screen set up they can changes the scenes just by touching the screen. It’s extremely compact and capable of shooting wide angle and full length group shots, unlike the usual photobooths.

The photostation was hired out for the Benson Elliot 10th Annual dinner at the beautiful Shangri La Hotel in The Shard. With a glorious backdrop of the whole of London, we set the photostation up along with a well stocked prop box and as you can see below everyone got involved and ended up with hundreds of instantly printed photographs. By using a proper Canon DSLR with a pro lens we get really sharp studio quality photographs. The client wanted a filter added automatically to give a “LoMo” effect so we activated that option too.

As soon as the guests have had their photographs taken, the photo lab produced studio quality laminated photographs really quickly. Ours will do up to six photos every minute, and for really busy events we can add extra printers to double or triple that. We can also have iPads setup on smart locking stands around the venue so guests can instantly email, text, facebook, instagram and tweet their images. Also, we can hook our roaming photographer into the same system so guests can access those images as well, all branded of course.

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