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Printed backdrop with stunning instant photographs and social shares at events

24 January 2023

We don’t always use green screens. For this event for Sony Music with Camila Cabello we produces a stunning background scene. We had this printed ourselves. This allowed specially invited superfans to recreate one of Camila’s iconic cover shots before enjoying a meet and greet with Camila. Here’s the system we used to produce hundreds of beautiful photographs very quickly, in fact we created, printed and shared over 200 in an hour!

Our unique Infinity booth holds a professional DSLR and a very powerful PC running our unique software. This lets us add branding to the photographs and allows guests to instantly send the finished images to their mobile phones via text or email. GDPR compliant of course. We don’t need messy extra lighting as we have two speedlights built in with a bounce card on top to produce stunningly flattering shots. And we have our own powerful wifi built in for fast sharing to create a live social media buzz!

Of course when you get the gorgeous Vick Hope showing how it’s done and posing with the fans it makes any photo look amazing!

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