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Printed green screen covers for Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch Games.

9 October 2017

We worked for 2K Games and GAME at Insomnia 2017 at the NEC Bimingham creating instant green screen cover inserts for the fans. Using our amazing Infinity system we squeezed into a small space with a pop up green screen and our smart photographic printers, wifi and of course props!

There’s an iPad pro on a stand for an extra sharing station as well. It takes guests longer to enter their email or mobile number than it does for us to print and trim! There is already a sharing station built in to the back of the Infinity station. This shows adverts and a slideshow in between shots.

Guests first chose their console from a choice of XBox, PlayStation4 or Nintendo Switch. Then they chose which game they wanted to star in. The Infinity booth instantly shoots the photo on our pro DSLR inside with dual flash lighting for a perfect key. Effects are applied to match the original cover artwork, and the scene is created instantly. Here’s a PS 4 sized game cover. These slot into the original game case making a personailsed cover without affecting the original.

Yes we show extreme closeups. Our images are very high resolution compared to a standard photo booth which use cheap cameras or webcams and dont have proper lighting or lenses like we do. Below is a Nintendo switch case cover. We can have options fo multiple games, multiple console sizes, and of course guests can also share live on social media. We used to give guests the choice of facebook, twitter, instagram, text and email. But we noticed at events 90% would use email. Then you can’t track what they do with the image afterwards. Guests don’t know their username or passwords for social media, so resort to email. Also they don’t like entering their passwords on a strange computer.

So now we use micro-sites. Basically the guests enters their mobile number or email. They instantly receive a branded text or email with their image. There are buttons to share on facebook, instagram and twitter. They click and the image is shared socially as they have their account details stored on their mobiles already. And we can track and report on the shares, giving full stats of what has been shared and where!

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