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QR Codes with Live Green Screen Video at the NFL Wembley

10 October 2019

When the NFL needed live green screen videos of their fans performing touchdown celebrations, they booked us. No-one else could work out how to do this live in realtime and also let the Game Channel subscribers use their QR codes to instantly upload the videos. Game Channel is the NFL’s own channel and people who use it have QR codes which let them access all sorts of activities as well as live replays and more. Here’s the system in action, with just a short clip to show what we were doing.

We arrived an hour before the Fan Area went live, thats all we need and have we confidence in our compact but powerful TV Studio system. After hundreds of events, we know what we are doing. The green screen was already pre-installed and we added our cable free wireless studio led lighting. Then we popped up our small desk, set up our Pro HD Canon C100 Mk2 video camera with special wide angle lens, and ran a quick test. The sun started streaming in the side of the activity area, so we quickly blocked it and adjusted the camera settings. We can always make it work, our green screen system is very flexible. And fast!

You can see that the carpet didn’t match the green screen but as the carpet was consistent throughout the whole stand we didn’t need to change it, we just adjusted the sensitivty to include that green as well. The small markers are to let us track the action. We designed the whole sequence, titles, and credits, and that was included in the cost. We worked with coders to write the app, they were brilliant as were the experiential agency we worked with. The fans loved it, and so did the Client. In fact they booked us for the next NFL match the following week, and we will be working with them again. Over 200 videos in four hours were uploaded, and we made them a short compliation video of some of the best celebrations, that’s on our green screen video page at the moment.

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