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Roaming iPad photographer with Social Uploads @ Spartan Race Dubai

9 October 2018

Fitness First ME wanted a way to be able to walk around and shoot GIFS and still images with branding automatically added on at the Spartan Race in Dubai. We set up one of our social media ready iPads and sent it off to Dubai. The app is easy to use and allows the instant capture of stills, GIFS, Burst GIFS and even Green Screen. Guests can instantly share the images, gif’s and green screen photos to their mobile phones, email, twitter, facebook and Instagram.

We can remotely manage the app, keeping an eye on the social media stats and making any changes needed to the content of any social uploads. After the event we produce a report that shows the social spread and other information on the event.

The quality of the new camera in the iPad Pro is suprisingly good, and in good lighting almost matches our professional DSLR’s. But being able to instantly share branded images is what sets it apart.

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