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Tesco HQ 150th anniversary green screen photos

27 November 2022

When Tesco Stores wanted to celebrate their 150th anniversary they invited us to their HQ. Our brief was to put their staff into the adverts currently showing on TV. We gave them a choice of scenes featuring Mr Motivator, Morph and Disco roller skating. Mr Motivator was there so we also had a special green screen for him. Here’s the huge setup in the atrium at Head Office

With a busy event like this it’s all about the workflow., whilst retaining quality and having fun! We get guests in, posed and photographed in seconds. We let them choose the scene in advance. On our system they see themselves on screen in the scene so it’s easy to get the pose right. The photographs are printed before they have even finished entering their mobile number! You can see the staff arriving in this shot below.

Tesco HQ green screen setup

Our system is extremely powerful. It’s important that it looks smart and professional, but inside is the fastest PC driving a proper DSLR camera with dual flash guns for a soft and flattering light. We have our own very powerful wifi hub inside too, linked to the iPads on the snazzy printer stand, which has matching leds!

Green screen photography for corporate events

All of this look great, but how good are the end results? We’ve been using green screens for many years, way before anyone else. So we know how to nail the keying, create a 3D effect, and get the branding spot on. The guests were delighted, everyone shared their images on social media and with their fellow workers and families, all in all it was a great success and of course we’ve been booked for more work. Here are some examples.


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