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Tiffany London unique blue screen photography

10 October 2020

Green screen photography doesn’t always need a green screen! We are always flexible so when Tiffany approached us to work in their prestigious London stores we suggested using their famous Tiffany Blue as a backdrop. Image and style is everything to Tiffany so they were delighted with our suggestion. Our ultra compact portable studio setup looked like this.

That’s all we need, the speaker under the desk was part of the DJ set as these events were for Tiffany’s top VIP customers and the store was closed to the general public. We work with Nikon D4S wireless DSLR cameras and as they are so sensitive we don’t need hot studio lights, tripods, cables or the other clutter that others use. We hid the photolab before the event as well, so all guests saw was Elaine magically producing stunning photographs from nowhere, instantly!

For this job we produced instant large 6″ x 6″ square photographs with the Tiffany hashtag in the Tiffany font. We used the images from their Xmas campaign to keep on brand. With our unique social media app every image can be instantly uploaded to a specially created album on the companies website, tweeted, emailed and send to Facebook. The guests can do this themselves using our iPads or we do it for them. That’s what makes us different. We also take stunning event photographs, here’s one of Elaine with a Tiffany Halo 🙂

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