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Video effects for Hotel Transylvania premiere

5 February 2023

Ham Yard Hotel in London was transformed into Hotel Transylvania for this event for Amazon Prime and Sony Animation. They asked us if there was a way to quickly transform guests into monsters! We created this amazing activation using advanced video editing and managed to get full length videos from the tiny area we had to work in. This involved removing animated characters from the footage and replacing them with videos of the guests, then having Van Helsing zap them with a Raygun! Here’s me testing the app in the early stages.

So once we’ve created a working version, made a sound track and the client has approved it, how quickly can we do this live at an actual event? Very quickly! We have to be extremely fast at movie premieres as we only have the VIP guests for a a short window until they go in to the screening. We have to get them on the screen, put them at ease, direct them and then show them the finished video. Then they send it to themselves, by a QR code, email or mobile number for sharing later with preset hashtags, calls to action etc. We can film, render and share a video every minute, often with multiple guests in! To be so fast we use special software to render extremely quickly on the latest M1 powered iPads. The video below shows the whole process, the first section is speeded up to keep the filesize down, but the rendering is in real time.


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