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Wednesday Pop-Up activation for Netflix London

19 May 2023

We were asked to provide fun experiential activities for guests to enjoy at a special Wednesday pop-up for Netflix for three days in London. So firstly we created an interactive video (see above) where guests could replace Wednesday in the iconic scene where she enjoys a raging storm under her umbrella. This was filmed with no backdrop or green screen! we used AI to instantly isolate the guests and replace the background. We had a tiny space to work in as you can see below, but the results were amazing and the guests were instantly posting and sharing on social.

For our second experience we had our fully branded Photo booth and Print sharing station setup further inside the Pop-up store. Guests were greeted by Uncle Fester and invited to take a photo with Thing. The results were amazing, and the guests had a great time interacting with the actors. Their photo was also printed instantly, and just by entering their mobile number or email they were instantly sent a link to share the image on their social media, which also happened on the video experience. Here’s an example. If you are a Wednesday fan, you may recognise these happy guests!

Uncle Fester and Thing from Wednesday example

This event went viral after the first day, and we had queues around the block in London, with keen fans waiting for up to 4 hours to get in. So we had to work quickly but at the same time give everyone the time to enjoy the experience. Guests also had the opportunity to have coffee with Wednesdays face printed on the foam, have selfies with the famous Window from Wednesdays room, and listen to a Wednesday playing the Cello. Plus there were freebies and photo opportunities outside with a full size Hearse and a 6’10” actor playing Lurch. The whole event was extremely well received and the client was very happy with the speed and quality of our work. Here’s a sample of the custom designed links everyone was sent, very Wednesday!

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