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Wireless Roaming Photographer with iPad sharing for Events

10 October 2022

When Passion Distribution wanted to showcase their upcoming programs to potential and existing clients, we were chosen to use our unique Wireless Photographer to engage and entertain their guests. It was a great opprtunity for some fun photographs as all the celebrity lookalikes from the soon to be aired “Lookalikes” were there to help us. Here’s an example shot from our amazing real-time event photography system…..

What we supply is a professional photographer with the latest Nikon D4S camera fully loaded with the best low light lens and radio controlled speedlight with softener to shoot candid and posed shots around the venue, in this case The Ivy in London. The Photographer puts guests at ease, helps them get involved with the celebrity lookalikes, and also encourages the guests to have a red carpet shot on the Logo board. But we can also shoot anywhere in the venue as the images are instantly branded as you can see from the second shot below.

As the photographer shoots the images are sent by the powerful WiFi built into the camera via our own WiFi hub to iPads dotted around the room on smart locking stands. The guests can browse the photos and select any they like. These can then be printed instantly, at this event we used the on-trend square 6″ x 6″ giant Polaroid style. The images can also be shared in a variety of other ways. Guests can enter a mobile number and receive a link to share the photo, they can also email the photos to themselves, or post directly to facebook, twitter or instagram.

And of course as we are already attending the event we can get professional shots of any talks, branding and general crowd scenes plus our speciality candid shots. We can shoot in low light without flash as our cameras are so sensitive, so we can unobtrusively capture the event.

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